Our Autumn/Winter photo shoot – Beautiful Narnia

The Beautiful Narnia Theme

Finding a theme for a photo shoot is surprisingly difficult. With the likes of Pinterest and other social media sites out there there are so many inspirational people and ideas around and so to narrow it down to one theme was tricky. And then we found it…… Narnia!!! The beauty of the wintery snow scenes but also the warmth of the greenery after ‘the thaw’ totally suited the time of year. There were so many options and it became instantly exciting. I didn’t want to totally recreate the film though, more just have the film inspire the shoot in a subtle way. A full recreation of the film scenes would be too much for this type of shoot and I wanted the photos to be exciting for people to look at, but yet provide inspiration and achievable looks for couples looking for ideas for their own big day.

Along with the main Narnia theme I also wanted to work with the colour palette of the fashion world for this season and I was delighted to see that the colours are a combination of warm reds, oranges and purples, with warm yet icy blues, greens and greys. These colours would suit the theme as if they were made for it – the greys and blues representing the cold of the snow queen, and the warmer colours representing the ‘after thaw’. Perfect!!!

So what were the key Narnia elements on our wish list for the day? Well, we definitely wanted the snow queen, Prince Caspian, the lion, the witch and the wardrobe, the forest, the sparkle and warmth of winter, and of course some snow. There are so many more nods to Narnia in the photos and it was a job to choose which photos to put on the blog (Initially I only wanted a select set of around 20 shots, but I’m sure you can appreciate after looking at them that there are many here that I couldn’t possibly leave out). If you’re a fan of the books you may spot the details quickly…….. or maybe you will have to look a little harder.

Please remember – copyright is only given to the suppliers involved in the shoot. All other rights reserved.

The Suppliers

We couldn’t have put the Beautiful Narnia shoot together without the contributions of some fabulous suppliers. We chose them based on how we thought their work would fit the Beautiful Narnia theme, and we think we chose perfectly! Here are the details of all that were a part of the day, including links to their websites should you wish to make enquiries for your own beautiful day.


The photography for the day was done by Caroline Potter Photography and Che Birch Hayes Photography. Both photographers bring their own different styles to the shoot, but totally complimenting each other at the same time.

  • Caroline Potter Photography – www.carolinepotterphoto.com – Caroline is a creative professional portrait photographer. With her studio based in Herefordshire she works to create beautiful bespoke images for clients, often drawing on art history and classical influences.
  • Che Birch Hayes – www.chebirchhayesphotography.com – A Herefordshire based wedding photographer providing relaxed photo journalistic style documentary wedding photography all over the UK

The styling for the day was created by ourselves, Tides Events. We are proud to have produced the overall look of the day, and provided a variety of venue dressing items. For more information on venue dressing and wedding styling please docontact us.

Floral design and styling

Floral arrangements were provided by Kat Griffiths of Bamboo – The Flower Gallery. All floral work for the day and the styling of the staircase were designed and provided by Kat, along with a large contribution to the overall styling ideas for the shoot, including the amazing frozen fruit! Thank you Kat x     www.bamboo-theflowergallery.co.uk

Bride & Groom – Gown, Suit and Accessories

A big thank you to Kirsty Ely and Josh Haverly for being our fabulous bride and groom for the day. Although on the face of it being pampered and swanning around in gorgeous outfits all day while having your photo taken seems like a fun day out the reality was very different and there was lots of waiting around, and plenty of standing around in the cold (and it was VERY cold!). You guys were the height of professionalism and just the most perfect models – thank you.

Chosen for his styles, which are both elegant and unique, we chose Ian Stuart as the gown designer for the Beautiful Narnia shoot. “Renowned for his glamorous, luxury creations this international multiple award-winning designer has always had a passion for making women look and feel fabulous”

The suit was provided by Savile Row Company and we chose them for their beautiful quality and tailoring. “The Savile Row Company offers expertly tailored products for Men and Women. Discover a wide range of formal shirts, business suits and ties as well as casual wear spanning jackets, trousers, weekend shirts, chinos and sleep wear”

The groom’s shirts and formal ties were provided by Bill Child Formal Wear. Carolyn of Bill Child says “Bill Child Formal Wear is Hereford’s leading specialist in Men’s and Boys’ formal wear to hire, we have one of the largest selections of Wedding, Evening & Highland Wear available. We’re committed to providing the very best in choice, quality, and above all service. As well as offering traditional & classic suits we also have a wide range of alternative outfits in a selection of colours and styles. We have a large collection of Waistcoats & Neckwear in a huge range of colours to complement your theme”

The groom can also be seen wearing a hat and bow tie. The bride is seen wearing a necklace, bracelet, selection of rings. These were all provided for us by Juice Collection. This boutique in Ledbury stocks the most wonderful range of clothing and jewellery – definitely worth a visit.

The bride’s headpiece was provided by Mason Blue Designs. Rachel says “I stock a range of handmade head pieces and offer a ready to wear collection as well as a bespoke service. My aim is to offer brides to be a wide choice of quality hair accessories and bridal jewellery incorporating quality materials such as freshwater pearls & Swarovski crystals. I met with Terri and Kat who showed me the fabulous Ian Stuart dress they were hoping to borrow and also told of other elements that were being brought together to recreate the Narnia theme. The girls wanted something not too big not too small, but I immediately had in my mind the Swarovski crystals that would fit the bill perfectly. I wanted to create something that reflected the season, so frosty, icy wintery look, and create something that was not uniform. I was thrilled by the reaction I had from Terri when I showed her the finished piece. The whole team involved in the shoot did an amazing job!! (Thank you Rachel – we loved having you on board x)

The bride’s beautiful shoes were provided by Soley for You – Shoe Love is True Love. Keri says “Soley For You was created out of a love of Shoes. We design, Create and Customise Bespoke Shoes for all occasions. Our Shoes truly are Unique and one of a kind. I was lucky enough to have been able to create some unique shoes for the Narnia photo shoot. When coming up with a design straight away snow and sparkles sprung to mind, so I decided that I needed to create shoes that resembled the glistening of snow. With a design in mind I added lace and pearls, alongside snowflakes and a lot of shimmering snow, to create a truly magical pair of Winter Wonderland Shoes”

The groom’s shoes and ring were his own.

Hair and make up

The hair styling for the day was created by two stylists – Rebecca Hair Weddings and Jess Mac. The up do as seen in the first half of the shoot was Becky’s creation and this was later adapted by Jess for the later half of the shoot to a more relaxed look. Jess also provided the make up artistry for the day.

Jess did the first makeup look to conincide with the hair up that Becky did. “As it was a frosty look I wanted to start off subtle and gradually build up, using frosty eye shimmers and glowing cheeks. I used various products as I don’t stick with one brand. Half way through the shoot I made the eyes and cheeks a lot more shimmery to get the whole ‘Narnia’ feel. Towards the end of the shoot (with Becky’s blessing) I dropped the hair down and changed the hair piece. All of the time I kept the style of Ian Stuart Designer in mind – to compliment his quirkiness and elegance I wanted to produce a high end fashion, but wearable look.’


Longworth Hall was chosen as the venue for the day based on it’s amazing building, stunning surroundings, and because it’s a brand new wedding venue for Hereford which we would love to help launch. It was a wedding venue many years ago but hasn’t been used as such for some time, and now Nicola and David from Taste have opened it as a wedding venue once more. I wish them the best of luck.

Nicola says “Longworth Hall is a tastefully refurbished Georgian mansion with seven double bedrooms set in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside. It is now available for exclusive use, weddings and events” www.longworthhall.co.uk


Although the majority of the styling was provided by Tides Events we did need some extra decor items for a variety of shots throughout the day, and so we thank the following suppliers for their wonderful contributions.


The cake was designed by Laurra of Divine Bakes, who make bespoke occasion cakes and sweet treats.. Laurra says “I was inspired by the colours of the seasons, the embellishments and flowers have a wintery frost to reflect the scenes in Narnia”. www.enjoydivinebakes.co.uk


The stationery was provided for us by Artemis Stationery. They provided the invitation, table name, place cards and menu and these were designed with great detail for the Beautiful Narnia shoot. Special mention goes to Nathan for the detail placed in his designs for us. I chose Artemis based on the appearance of his work on his website, but the location details and the names were produced with such consideration for the theme, and the quality and service was beyond what was asked of him. Thank you Nathan. I’ll be recommending you highly to potential clients. www.artemisstationery.co.uk

Beautiful Narnia shoot team

I thank each and every one of the suppliers for the day for their hard work and dedication to the theme. What wonderful results. I hope you’re as pleased with them as I am.

Terri x


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