Introducing our birdcage cake stand. We absolutely adore it and believe that this will make an amazing feature at your wedding.

The beautiful large ivory birdcage has a section free of bars at the front so that you can show off the detail on your cake and hold the traditional cutting of the cake. The birdcage comes free of decoration so that you are free to dress it as you want. Maybe you’d like to have your florist dress it in the same theme as the rest of your wedding flowers, or maybe you like the thought of attaching sweet butterflies? Works beautifully for a vintage wedding, but just as well for the more classic wedding too. It really is a blank canvas.

The birdcage cake stand will suit cakes with a base of up to 13.5 inches, so there’s no need to cut back the size of your cake at all (athough remember to allow for any decorations on the cake).

You can hire this for just £30 for your wedding or event. Please do book early to secure your date. To provisionally book your wedding date, or make an enquiry on the cake stand, just fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch soon.

birdcage cake stand with flowers

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