A big big thank you to all the people in my life who have supported us on the road to making Tides Events a reality. A dream come true, and I couldn’t have done it without you by my side. It’s all been worth the blood, sweat and tears.  Terri x

In addition to those people we need to give credit for some photos on the site. This list also gives credit for photos used on our social media sites since there is no easy and permanent place to list them over there. Photos from our own personal library have been used and for those we include credit to:

We give huge thanks to these very talented photographers who have given us permission to use their work:

We have occasionally used photos from websites, and for this we thank:

  • confetti.co.uk
  • dedicated2detail.co.uk
  • outreachr.com
  • TheKnot.com

The following people are usernames on Flickr and we thank you for allowing the use of your beautiful images:

  • _FXR
  • Agence Tophos
  • Andrew Morrell Photography
  • Andreanna Moya Photography
  • Blake Johnson
  • Bob B. Brown
  • Churchill Marquees
  • County Marquees
  • David
  • Didriks
  • Ed
  • Emily May
  • emmanuel_D.Photography
  • F_A
  • faungg’s Photo
  • FutUndBeidl
  • Hans Splinter
  • hmomoy
  • Imagecup
  • jason_one
  • Jerome Decq
  • Jennifer Marrow
  • Jon Day
  • Kisspat Feather
  • LenDog64
  • Maegan Tintari
  • Malia Karlinsky
  • MDGovpics
  • Melanie
  • Mike Dunbar
  • Neil Conway
  • nicholas
  • Paul Reynolds
  • Phil Richards
  • Rachel Wilder
  • Red Carpet Wedding Aisles Sydney
  • Rexness
  • Roderick Eime
  • Salim Fachley
  • Seth Lemmons
  • The National Infantry Museum
  • Tom Page
  • 401(K) 2012

We have tried to give credit where required as part of the Flickr licence, however if we have missed you out or changed your licence please get in touch. We’re happy to credit people and this will have been an oversight. If we have included you on the list and given appropriate credit then again THANK YOU 🙂

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