This is a stunning venue, there’s no doubt about that. When I asked for the grand tour of Dewsall Court I was expecting a lot given it’s amazing reputation locally, but I wasn’t expecting to be so wowed by it. To summarise, Dewsall Court is a really incredible blend of history and family home.

I don’t know where to start with describing Dewsall Court to you, so maybe I’ll just run with the order that the photos are in on my phone! I should probably issue a disclaimer here – the photos are not intended to be professional shots. They are very much quick snaps taken on my mobile phone as we walked around the venue.

The house is exclusive use when you hire it for your event, so you have this wonderful kitchen area which is yours to use while you are there. It feels like a really lovely home kitchen. People were milling around cleaning through after a wedding party had left, and everyone was clearly happy to be working there. I love this in a venue – I think you can feel the vibe of your stay through the staff. I was offered a cup of tea 3 times and if people are greeted the way I was then your stay will be lovely.

Off of the kitchen we went through into their main hall. Again, very homely. A lovely big fireplace and comfy sofas, but an understated feeling of grandeur too. Off the hall is the staircase. You may have figured out by now that I pay lots of attention to 2 things when viewing a venue – its bathrooms and its staircase. I love a good staircase and so I tend to notice them and can see the photo opportunities in them. The staircase here is in the perfect place for the bride to make her first appearance.

Main hall at Dewsall Court

The Main Hall at Dewsall Court

There are a variety of different spaces throughout the house that lend themselves well to many different ideas. The conservatory is beautiful, long and light, and the perfect setting for a meal with your guests, or a drinks reception. There is a snooker room (is it sexist to say this is for the boys?) and downstairs a kind of chill out room with games consoles for the kids to play with. There is a wonderful smaller room with beautiful chairs around a round table, perfect for the bride to enjoy breakfast with her bridesmaids, or for a smaller wedding ceremony. There is a room with a large executive desk, perfect for the signing of the register, and would make for fantastic photos of that moment. The outside spaces are fantastic, and the views are to die for. Should you wish to marry outside there is a canopy available (I don’t have photos of this but you will find one on the Dewsall Court website) and you can have your wedding on the lawn overlooking beautiful greenery.

Firepit at Dewsall Court

The firepit at the Wainhouse at Dewsall Court

Outside there are some lovely little spaces, tucked away. A firepit and a seating area sit outside the Wainhouse, and beyond the Wainhouse is a cute wooden swing. The most surprising for me was that down a small path is Dewsall Church. I wasn’t aware that the church actually sits on the Estate, and couples can marry here.

Dewsall Parish Church

The parish church at Dewsall Court

The Wainhouse is just off the house and is essentially a refurbished barn. That’s not to do it any injustice – it’s amazing. This great long barn has been tastefully decorated to very much suit the house and to also be modern and suited to weddings and events. The wooden ceiling beams are a hint of the history of the barn, but the big glass windows are the touch of modern. They open wide to allow it to feel very much a part of the outside space in the good weather, but can remain closed and still feel the same when it’s a little cooler. The photo that I have included shows it in it’s very bare state but I can see the variety of options for dressing this room. I can’t do this part of Dewsall Court justice in my description – it’s something you need to see for yourself.

Oddly, what impressed me the most about Dewsall Court was the bedrooms. I like to see the bedrooms but they don’t usually fascinate me like these did. In total you can sleep up to 27 people here but the rooms are all so different. They range from the standard double guest rooms with no standout features, just warm and cozy feeling rooms which would be a pleasure to stay in, through to a room with an old winch in! Yes, that’s right, a winch! That part of the house used to be a granary and the original winch still sits in one of the bedrooms. Interestingly too, in that room there used to be nesting swallows when they first owned the house. When they moved them on to their new homes so that they could decorate it they felt like they should remember them and so they decided to paint swallows up in the apex of the ceiling. How sweet.

Swallows on the ceiling at Dewsall Court

Swallows painted on a bedroom ceiling at Dewsall Court

Each bedroom has its own bathroom, and each bathroom is as unique as the bedrooms. They have the deepest baths I’ve ever seen and some lovely features in all of them, whether that’s colour, artwork, or fixtures and fittings. One of the bathrooms has a showerhead from the Dorchester Hotel, and another is painted in the style of an aquarium at the request of the owners’ son when they lived in the house. I love that the bathrooms are also completely separate rooms. They aren’t en suite as you would find in usual hotels, but separate rooms alongside the bedrooms, yet still very much that room’s personal bathroom.

Dewsall Court bedroom

As we walked around the house I tried to decide which room I would like as the bridal suite if I was to get married there, and no one room really stood out because they’re all special in their own way. In the end I decided on this room. Without the temporary single bed in the room this would be my choice. The drapes give the effect of a four poster bed, and it’s so light and airy. It’s a very spacious room too so plenty of space for everything I’d need to bring with me as a bride.

For me the most special thing about Dewsall Court is how homely it is and how many personal touches there are. The paintings of the family’s son and daughter on the wall, the painting of the bathroom and the swallows, the way it feels like a family home and not a building you’re renting for the weekend. If you’re planning a wedding please make sure this is on your list to view.

You can contact Dewsall Court via their website at and I look forward to working with you on your wedding to bring you the decor that you deserve to match the beautiful venue. Until then I leave you with the photos that I have.

Dewsall Court wainhouse
Hidden lawn down at Dewsall Court

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