It’s the day after the first ever Hereford Means Business Expo 2016 and I’m sitting here writing this with feet that are still aching! What a great day. Earlier in the year the information was released about this new Expo that was happening in Hereford. This was for local businesses to exhibit and all business types were welcome. The aim of the event was for local businesses to network and do business together. We registered because it can only be a good thing for local businesses to work together. I’m a big supporter of supporting local people, so what better way to help to reinforce this than to attend the Expo.

Arriving yesterday there was a real buzz while the exhibitors were setting up and it was really exciting to see so many different types of business there, from Hereford 1st Aid to Area Entertainments, from Sign Rite to Champagne Signature ….. such variety (I’m not paid to mention these people by the way – just examples of how varied the day was). Area Entertainments as it happened had the biggest stand I’ve seen. They turned up with a HUGE screen which displayed a slideshow of information of all the exhibitors attending. I thought I was going to walk away with a suntan – it certainly wasn’t dark at our end of the room!

People from so many other local businesses attended as visitors and Hannah, one of the organisers, tells me they were queuing outside 45 minutes before opening because they couldn’t wait to get in and network with people.

hereford means business expo #hmbe2016 banner
Hereford Means Business Expo #HMBE2016 busy

The mayor of Hereford opened the show and from then we didn’t stop all day. Our stand was nice and busy, and plenty of people stopped by to find out what we did and how we could work alongside them in their businesses. I was honoured to have a couple tell me that they attended the Expo purely to come and see me to talk to me about planning their wedding, and I can’t wait to work with them.

I made some fantastic new contacts that I probably wouldn’t have made had I not been there, and I was really pleased to see so many people take time out of their own businesses to come and see the exhibitors at the Expo. It was equally as valuable for the visitors as it was for the exhibitors.

I did manage to get away from my stand briefly to have a wander and talk to people myself. Obviously it was a real chore to have to try some cake from Kinder Pocock, and some ice cream from Pink Ice Cream! I’ve now got a nice collection of pens, trolley coins, sweets and other goodies, but I’ve also put some faces to names that I’d already spoken to on Twitter on a regular basis, and some new contacts which I hope to do business with soon.

I even found Captain America on my travels. This was a prize in a draw at the Hereford First Aid stand…………….. and can you believe I won so Captain America in now stood in my son’s bedroom.

I held a prize draw on our stand too. This one was for a bottle of champagne. I was hoping no-one would enter so that I’d have to drink it but no such luck! At the end of the day the lovely Diane from Kidwells House picked a winner out of the bowl and I was very pleased to tell Rachel Jones from Marches Growth Hub that she had won.

Hereford Means Business Expo #HMBE2016 champagne
Hereford Means Business Expo #HMBE2016 Pink Ice Cream
Hereford Means Business Expo #HMBE2016 Terri meets Captain America

As I mentioned, I left the Expo with very sore feet, and pretty tired (because talking is hard work) but now I’m excited to start contacting people and building new working relationships with them.

A big congratulations to the organisers. What a success this event was. I can’t wait to register for the next one. If you want to have a look in more detail you can visit their website at



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