Let’s have a spring networking evening I said. Does it count that it was in a bar, making cocktails, and having a laugh??

The wedding suppliers of Herefordshire were invited to come along and get to know each other, meet some new contacts, and just generally have a relaxed evening with some like-minded people. There was a great gathering and the atmosphere was fantastic. We met at Zane Wine Bar & Bistro and they were great hosts – they put on a menu just for us and offered to give a cocktail masterclass to those who wanted to have a go at shaking themselves up a cocktail or two. So many people wanted a go and it was so much fun. Have a look at some of the photos. Can you believe there were at least 3 photographers in the room and the photos ended up being taken by me so excuse some blur – these were very much action shots!

It wasn’t until very late into the evening that we remembered to take a group photo, oops!

“How is this networking?” you ask…… well networking doesn’t have to be people in business suits drinking coffee and having formal presentations. There were plenty of business cards swapped and new links made at this event, and the bonus was that we had some real fun in the process. Some stayed for a short while, and some stayed until the very end, but it was good to see everyone that was there. I’d like to personally thank Dan at Zane for giving everyone such a great time…… and helping everyone open the cocktail shakers after shaking them. It turns out that’s quite tricky!! (“Oh you do it Dan”)

My aim is to organise 2 of these evening networking events each year – one before wedding season kicks off so that people have some lovely contacts to work with through the summer months, and one after wedding season so that people can relax and chill out for a bit after a manic few months. If you’re in the wedding industry in Herefordshire and would like to join us please pop your name on the list and I’ll be in touch when I’ve got dates etc to share with you. (By the way, if this has been emailed to you there’s no need to sign up – I have your details already)

Have a great season and I hope to see you soon.
Terri x


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