I love our new logo. Isn’t it pretty? I’ve been thinking for a while that the branding is due for a refresh, and of course I loved the old style, but I don’t feel that it really reflects Tides Events any more. Since we first set up in 2012 we have changed so much. We’ve learnt so much about the industry, what people want and what they need when planning a wedding or event, and found our own style, and now we have a logo that matches.

You have ideas and dreams in your head as to how everything should look, and we will do everything in our power to create those for you. We provide luxury, bespoke wedding planning and event design.

We help to create weddings full of beauty and elegance, full of romance, and most of all full of your personality. I pride myself on ensuring my company always provides the personal touch – getting to know you and creating something that reflects you as a couple.

We provide event design to turn your special occasion into the celebration that it should be. Whether you want an intimate private party or a lavish affair we’ll make that a reality for you. Dinner parties with atmosphere, warmth, class and sophistication. Celebrations that are chic, modern, stylish, traditional, retro, en vogue…… whatever style you want them to be. Whatever your event our attention to detail is second to none and no part of the planning and co-ordination will be overlooked.

I am driven by the thoughts of making your wedding or event the most amazing that it can be for you, and my team are too. We are in touch with so many amazing suppliers and we only work with the best. We carefully select those suppliers that can provide an incredible service that compliments ours. Ours is a service that you can trust, delivered by people that you can trust, and a promise of the most wonderful planning experience that gives you memories that you can look back fondly on.

Tides Events really does provide luxury wedding planning and event design.


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