Having A Marquee Or Home Wedding?
You Need A Wedding Coordinator

I feel I need to be frank about this because it’s something I feel strongly about – if you are having a wedding somewhere other than a standard wedding venue, such as in a marquee or the grounds of someone’s home, you will need a wedding coordinator. Fact!

Firstly, what is a wedding coordinator? Well put quite simply a wedding coordinator is there to make sure everything is where it should be, when it should be, and that events happening through the wedding day happen when they should. When you think of the timeline for your wedding day I’m guessing you’re imagining something a little like this:

8am – breakfast
10am – hair and makeup starts
12pm – wedding dress on
12.30pm – leave for ceremony
1pm – ceremony
2.30pm – arrive at reception venue
4pm – wedding breakfast
7pm – evening guests start arriving
9pm – evening food
midnight – end

Excellent, you’ve got it covered right? Well here are a few questions to help you to pad that out a bit:

  • Who is arranging breakfast?
  • What time are your flowers arriving and who is going to make sure they’re all there, correct, and all where they should be?
  • Who will make sure your tables are dressed with all the appropriate cutlery, glassware, table numbers, place cards, favours etc?
  • Who is going to announce your entry to your wedding breakfast?
  • Who will run your music playlists through the day until your entertainment starts?

This is just a handful of questions that you probably hadn’t thought of, and that’s completely normal. The chances are you’ve never planned a wedding before so with the best will in the world you aren’t expected to know that there are parts of the day that you hadn’t thought of yet.

That’s where a wedding coordinator comes in. We are there to make sure all the gaps are filled before the day comes around.

you will need a wedding coordinator to dress your tables in a marquee or home wedding
Who will lay out your tables for you and make sure your seating plan is correct?

If you have all the planning under control and don’t think you need a planner this is fantastic because hiring a Day Only coordinator is not the same as hiring a wedding planner.

When I’m employed to provided support on the day of the wedding only I will usually just meet you twice before the wedding. The first meeting will be our consultation. You get to know me a little, and I get to know you. We see if we are a good match for each other (because not every coordinator is right for every couple) and we talk about your plans for the day. At the second meeting we visit your venue and we go through the finer details of the day, your timeline, special requirements, and we talk more about where I will be and what I will do throughout the day.

There will be plenty of phone calls and emails between us if you need it, and I’m of course happy to advise you if you have the odd question, but my job is to make sure the day runs smoothly. I ensure your hard work and planning happens just as you’d like it.

“……..You were completely instrumental in making the day so enjoyable and relaxed. People were telling me that you were the nicest, most helpful and most down to earth wedding planner they’d ever met and that they’d never seen a wedding planner like you before”
On the day we work behind the scenes. Of course we cannot be invisible but our aim is to make things happen without disruption. This means you don’t need to ask your ushers to move chairs and tables when turning the ceremony space into the reception space, and you don’t need to ask your bridesmaids to help people to find their seats, for example. Your friends and family can simply enjoy the day without having to watch the time and try to remember what needs to be done and when. Of course you may want your friends and family involved with undertaking certain tasks, and people like to play their part, so in this case we just give them a gentle reminder when the time is near. They can still relax and they still get to help you.
lit fire at Longworth Hall
We take care of the details. Want a fire lit for the evening guests to arrive? It’s on the list….

“But there can’t be that much to do can there??”. That’s a common question, and one that people don’t really appreciate the answer to until the day is over and they realise how much needs doing all through the day. As I’ve said before it’s the little details that make the difference, but it’s also the little details that swallow up precious time. These are just a few of the tasks I ended up performing at a recent wedding I coordinated:

  • Helping the florist to set up at the venue
  • Running cards and gifts between the bride and groom
  • Tying ribbons and bows onto cars
  • Taking photos for family members
  • Lighting candles
  • Tapping beer kegs (much to the surprise of the ushers!)
  • Clock watching to make sure the bridal parties were all on their way at the right time
  • Scrambling around under staging to adjust the music system
  • Helping with welcome drinks service
  • Moving floral arrangements to suit the time of day and the bride’s plans
  • Running the microphone between people making speeches
  • Helping to ensure the photographer didn’t swallow up lots of the bride’s time with her reception party
  • Putting drinks coolers and glasses into the wedding cars
  • Constantly liaising with the photographer and videographer to let them know of timeline changes

And this was all before the evening reception began! In addition to this I have a keen eye for detail and I can spot a suit jacket missing a handkerchief or a bridesmaid without her flowers from quite a distance. Of course these are all part and parcel of the day job for me, and jobs I am paid to do, but you should consider whether you want the stress of doing these yourself, or whether you want to place the responsibility of these tasks on to your friends and family. If not, we’re just a phone call or email away. Let’s arrange to meet up and have a chat.

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