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Candelabra Hire

Candelabras make a beautiful addition to any style of wedding. They are classic yet modern, clean and crisp yet dressed they can be as fancy as you would like.

The options for dressing candelabras is endless. Do you like large floral arrangements at the top of the candelabra, or a cascade of flowers? Do you like no floral arrangement at all, or maybe some pearls or diamonds.

One set of candles is supplied with each candelabra. We ask that you only use our candles with our candelabras. You can order extra sets if you think you will need them.

Candelabra Hire Prices

  • Silver candelabra, 60cm - £15.00
  • Silver candelabra, 100cm - £25.00
  • Gold candelabra, 60cm - £24.00

Candestick Hire

Candlesticks are a subtle way to finish your decor perfectly. Whether you have spaces that need a little extra light, or you need something special to add to your tables, candlesticks are an excellent way to do this.

Non drip, long burning candles are also available to buy from us.

candlestick hire hereford

Candlestick Hire Prices

  • Glass candlestick, as pictured, £2

gold candelabra hire hereford

Extra Candles

Our candles are non drip and burn for approx 7 hours. We ask that you only use our candles with our products so if you need additional packs of candles we can supply them.

Candle Prices

  • Taper candles, set of 5, white or ivory - £4.00
  • Taper candles, set of 5, colours - £5.00

Delivery is free within Hereford, up to 15 miles from our address, and just a small charge outside of this.
Please provide details of your delivery address when placing your order.

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