Garden Games Hire

Garden games hire

Providing garden games at your event has a multitude of purposes. They are a great way to help keep your guests occupied through the quieter times in the wedding day, they provide an excellent ice breaker at events where people may not know each other well, they are great for team building exercises, and they provide a brilliant photo opportunity regardless of the type of event.

We have a large variety of garden games available to hire, suitable for all ages.

garden games hire herefordshire

Garden Games Hire Prices

  • Cricket – Stumps, bails, ball & bat, £20
  • Croquet – Traditional croquet set, £25
  • Dominoes – Large wooden dominoes, £20
  • Draughts – Draughts set with a giant 3m x 3m board, £75
  • Get Knotted – Giant twister style game, 3m x 3m, with inflatable dice, £25
  • Playing cards – Giant set of playing cards, 26cm x 37cm, £15
  • Lawn darts, £15
  • Limbo, £15
  • Quoits, £15
  • Skittles, £15
  • Space hoppers – Adult size, £10 each
  • Space hoppers – Child size, £5 each
  • Sports Day Kit – Sacks, egg & spoon sets, bean bags, ankle ties and whistle, £25
  • Tumble Tower – Jenga style game, 60cm starting height, £50
  • Tumble Tower – Jenga style game, 90cm starting height, £75
  • Tumble Tower – Jenga style game, 125cm starting height, £95
  • Play Tunnel – Children’s play tunnel, suited to under 5s, £5
  • Children’s Easel – Chalk board one side, white board the other, supplied with chalk, £10

Delivery is free within Hereford, up to 15 miles from our address, and just a small charge outside of this.
Please provide details of your delivery address when placing your order.

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