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log disc hire herefordshire

Log disc hire

The log disc is a popular addition to the wedding decor. With many uses it looks fantastic as the base to a centrepiece, decor around the venue, or for standing display items on.

Please note: due to the natural state of the logs we cannot match the log sizes exactly. There will be a variance in the shape and size of each disc.

If you can't see the size you are looking for please get in touch so that we can help you.

Log Disc Hire Prices

  • 20-25cm, oval, thin - £1.50
  • 20-25cm, round, thick - £2.50
log disc hire herefordshire
log disc hire herefordshire
log disc hire herefordshire

Table number holder hire

Table number holders are useful when planning a wedding or event. Mini logs are a lovely way to hold your guest place cards too.
If you would like a specific style of table number holder but don't see it here please contact us so that we can help you.

Table Number & Place Card Holder Hire Prices

Heart top - £1.00
Catering standard chrome - £2.50
Vintage white frames, assorted shapes - £2.50
Mini logs - £0.35

table number holder hire herefordshire
table number holder hire herefordshire
table number holder hire herefordshire



Extra candles are available to buy from us. Taper candles have a burn time of approx. 7 hours and are non drip and smoke free.

Candle Prices

  • Taper candles, set of 5, white or ivory - £4.00
  • Taper candles, set of 5, other colours - £5.00

easel hire herefordshire

Easel hire

We have a range of easels, from the basic wooden easel up to the more decorative easels, and in a range of colours. They are perfect for holding seating charts, welcome signs, and pictures or photos you would like to display.

easel hire herefordshire

Easel Hire Prices

  • Wooden - £10.00
  • Silver ornate - £35.00
  • Cream ornate - £35.00

floralyte hire herefordshire


Floralytes look amazing in the evening when the lights go down. The allow your guests to be wowed by your decor all over again. These lights sit in the bottom of the vase and shine up through. Our floralytes are submersible so can be used in water. They are most effective when used with gel crystals or water beads, and come in a range of colours. Supplied with batteries.

Floralyte Prices

  • White - £1.50
  • Coloured - £2.00
floralyte hire herefordshire
floralyte hire herefordshire
floralyte hire herefordshire

glass jar hire herefordshire

Glass jar hire

Small jars add an extra detail to your set up. They are perfect as small candle holders, mini vases, or as a part of your centrepiece.

Glass Jar Hire Prices

  • 13cm - £1.50
  • 18.5cm - £2.75
  • 24cm - £3.50
glass jar hire herefordshire

patio heater hire herefordshire

Patio Heater Hire

Freestanding patio heaters are a great idea when you are hosting an event where people will be likely to spend some time outside. May also be used indoors. These heaters are electric, 2kwh, and have 3 heating settings.

Patio Heater Hire Prices

  • £19.50

wedding ladder hire herefordshire

Wedding Ladder Hire

The white ladder is a popular addition to weddings. It has many uses. For example you could use it to hold your seating plan, your sweet jars, your direction signs, or simply some pretty decor such as letters and flowers.

Wedding Ladder Hire Prices

  • £15.00

mirror plate hire herefordshire

Mirror Plate Hire

Mirror plates work well under so many types of centrepiece or room decor item, and especially where you have something lit by candles or floralytes. They come in a range of sizes and we can advice on the best size for your set up if you are not sure.

Mirror Plate Hire Prices

  • 20cm diameter - £1.50
  • 25cm diameter - £1.75
  • 30cm diameter - £2.50
  • 40cm diameter - £3.25

wishing well hire herefordshire

Wishing Well Hire

The wishing well is a lovely option for collecting gift cards. Decorated with ribbon in a colour of your choice, or plain for you to decorate yourself.

Wishing Well Hire Prices

Wishing well as per picture, with ribbon colour of your choice (butterflies not included) - £12.50

wedding jug hire herefordshire

White Jug Hire

Decorative jugs are especially lovely in a vintage or country feel wedding. They can be used as table centrepieces or to dress the rest of the venue.

Measurements are 26cm in height.

White Jug Hire Prices

  • As pictured - £3 each

clothes rail hire herefordshire

Clothes rail hire

White metal clothes rail, supplied with 20 coat hangers.

Clothes Rail Hire Prices

  • Clothes rail hire - £7.00

Delivery is free within Hereford, up to 15 miles from our address, and just a small charge outside of this.
Please provide details of your delivery address when placing your order.

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