Are you using snapchat for business?

I got on board the Snapchat wagon a while ago, and I have to admit I actually really like seeing friends update their ‘story’ (that’s pretty much a timeline or news feed if you’re not on there yet). I didn’t use it too much, and then one day I started following Gary V on Snapchat. Now there’s a guy who is passionate about Snapchat! He uses it all day every day to tell his followers what he’s up to, who he’s meeting, what he’s talking about, and the more dull side of busy business life like the hours he spends on planes and in cars. What he also does though is to include business tips and motivation for entrepreneurs. This is what kept me following him. I’m not massively interested in each plane ride he takes but I love seeing the variety in his days and I love the information and motivation he gives me. Why Snapchat then when there’s other social media?? Well for me it’s the most instant updates, it’s something I can easily dip in and out of, and more importantly it’s short sharp bursts. No long videos, no scrolling to find the one thing I want to see, and if I don’t have an interest in that particular snap it’s ok because I can quickly whip on to the next one. Sure, he has longer videos that I enjoy when I have time and I do follow him on YouTube and Facebook, but for me his Snapchat is the one I engage with most.

Gary is clearly a guy that totally gets the power of Snapchat for business and it’s because of him that I decided to pick up the Snapchat usage again, but this time I’d focus it mainly on business. It won’t all be of interest to everyone but if some of it is interesting to some people then that’s a winning situation for me.

So far I’ve found it really useful for showing off the venues I’m visiting. I’ve been visiting lots of local wedding and event venues and the venue owners are all happy for me to take photos as we walk around. If I’m going to take photos for my own records and information I may as well share them with everyone else at the same time.

gary vaynerchuk snapchat snapcode

This has generated some great feedback. People have seen venues they didn’t know existed, and have commented that it’s given them a much more in depth view of the venues than the websites have given them, and even though it’s no substitute for seeing somewhere in real life it gives people a taste of what they might like to look into more.

What else have I done? I’ve used it for showing people our new offices, for showing events that are happening, for showing new items we have in stock, and for the little things in life that make me happy through my days (yes, at the time of writing this there’s a photo of my new plant on there. It’s really pretty, honestly!). There will be some personal snaps on there too, but hopefully my followers will like that and get a feel for what I’m like as a person.

Snapchat is being bigged up to be the next big thing in business marketing and social media. Have a look at these numbers:

million users every day

billion videos watched every day


of all users are under 35 years old

hours and your snap is gone!

In addition to that……

  • It’s easy to see how many views each snap has had, bang up to date, and easily.
  • Your snaps are here and gone in 24 hours so although it’s reasonably interesting at the time you’re not jamming up your pages and people’s newsfeeds with random bits and pieces that would make your sites look messy.
  • You can curate content to send to your followers, even if you don’t have any to send yourself
  • The world’s biggest brands are now signing up and using it to promote and engage customers
  • Tools for advertising campaigns are relatively cheap to invest in, starting at just $5 (that’s under a fiver here in the UK)

Are you on board yet? We’d love to link up with you. Share your username in the comments section and we’ll add you, or you can add us as a friend directly by just scanning this Snapcode. Easy huh!

Happy snapping!

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I got on board the Snapchat wagon a while ago, and I have to admit I actually really like seeing friends update their ‘story’ (that’s pretty much a timeline or news feed if you’re not on there yet). I didn’t use it too much, and then one day I started following Gary V...
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