It’s a standing joke that I am a virgo, a proper full force virgo! I love a good spreadsheet and that I can spot an item out of place from the other side of a very large event room! Mostly this makes me laugh. I do love a good spreadsheet – it keeps everything organised and on track, and I can spot something out of place very quickly.

To a lot of people through my life this has been a bit of an annoyance. I’m picky, fussy, and get frustrated when people don’t do things quite the way I like it. However, as I’ve got older I’ve realised that even though sometimes maybe it goes a bit far (the kids’ bedrooms for example – they don’t need to be tidy in military fashion all the time I suppose!) it’s done me well in my career.

How so? Well much of my career history is in finance. Working with numbers means being extremely accurate and hunting out the details when things look a little strange. For you, my client, this is great. It means that when you hand your budget over to me, and tell me you have £XX and not a penny more, that you can be sure I’ll make those numbers work for you and there will be no mistakes in the spending.

My extremely organised approach will mean that your paperwork will be in order, and I’ll be able to give you facts, figures and updates on your booking quickly and easily. Knowing everything is organised should be real peace of mind for you.


Virgos are the most analytical & organized members of the zodiac. Their perfection-oriented worldview makes them extremely efficient & diligent, hypercritical with unwavering attention to detail. You can always trust them to get the job done, & done correctly. A place for everything, everything in its place, & everything just so. A classic Virgo seeks perfection in everything he does, expects a lot from everyone around him, and expects even more from himself.

Most importantly though my eye for detail means that every chair sash will be level with the others, every bow will be equal in size on each side, every sash tail will be level with its partner when they can both be seen, every centrepiece will sit centrally on your table, and every table cloth bottom will sit straight and even with the others. My ability to spot something out of place across an event space means that you won’t be finding any water bottles that the set up team have been drinking from, you won’t find our lunch wrappers, and you won’t find stray pieces of packaging under a table somewhere.

This also means that because my standards are so high I expect my team to work to the same standards so you can be sure the guys I have on site with me will be working just as hard to make the finished space look incredible for you.

attention to detail in the table setting at the Tides Events Beautiful Narnia styled shoot at Longworth Hall

But why does it matter?

The truth is the devil is in the details. When you pay attention to the little things then the bigger picture all falls into place and looks seamlessly beautiful.

Your guests will be either really complimentary or really critical of your choices. If you have selected your suppliers carefully then your guests will be full of praise and admiration for what a great job you’ve done planning your wedding.

Sadly, if you’ve chosen suppliers that aren’t so bothered about the finished job your guests will notice and will comment accordingly. It’s not that they are attacking you personally, it’s just human nature. You may not notice the details in the excitement of the day but you can be sure they did! “Oooh those are nicer than the ones Emma had at her wedding” or “did you see the marks on the table cloths when we sat down” or “how come some of the sashes are that blue and the rest are that blue”.

When your table is laid for your wedding breakfast you usually have some basic items – the linen, the cutlery and glassware, the centrepieces, place cards, and a table number.

Picture your table like this – the linen is creased, the cutlery is wonky, with knives facing the wrong way, the glasses are on the table but you can’t tell which place setting they are for (oh, and they’ve still got grubby water marks on!), the centrepieces aren’t in the middle of the table and the candles on the candelabra are not stood up straight (for the record, I’m cringing as I write this!), the place cards are on there but wherever someone could be bothered to put it, and the table number can’t be seen as the guests enter the room.

Now picture your table like this – the linen is beautifully laid out, crease free and level all the way round, the cutlery has been laid out perfectly with each item sat just the right distance from the edge of the table, the glasses are sat in the right position for each place setting and they sparkle in the light because they’ve been polished, the centrepieces are sat well in the centre of the table and the candles stand straight in amongst your flowers just as you’d expected them to be, the place cards sit tidily above the dessert cutlery for each person, and the table numbers can be easily seen by the guests as they walk through the door.

In your mind’s eye take a step back from the one table and look over the room as a whole. Is your room full of messy, sloppily laid tables, or are they all stunning, beautifully laid, and together as a room have the wow factor?

How can I make sure I’ve chosen a good supplier?

A little bit of homework goes a long way. Firstly shop around. Don’t just chose a supplier because that’s who your friends used for their wedding, and whatever you do don’t use them just because they’re the cheapest. I very much believe in the saying “if you pay peanuts and you get monkeys”, and sadly that applies to most industries. I’m not saying suppliers don’t genuinely try to do a good job, I’m sure they give you the best that they can, but you should always be wary of a price that seems too good to be true.

There are some real examples of weddings where this has gone wrong in the past when people have chosen a supplier based solely on them quoting the cheapest price, and with a wedding being such an important day I wouldn’t be happy to risk it.

Next, really look at your list of potential suppliers and have a good look at what they have on show for you to see. Check out their social media pages and have a look at the photos of their work. In fact, check that it even is their work! Stock photos are common for use on websites etc, and that’s absolutely fine, but if they are actively selling a product or service using that photo then don’t be afraid to ask for more information on it. A supplier should never mislead you by using photos that don’t accurately portray the standard of their work. Open their photos up large on your computer screen and check the attention to detail. Think again about what you are looking for – for example if it’s chair sashes are they immaculately presented in the photo, are they all well tied and well balanced, and the same as the rest of the chairs in the picture? Don’t feel bad about doing this. At the end of the day the photos that they are showing publicly are the best of their work – if it wasn’t why would they post it? – and would you want their standards for your wedding?

Look at their posts in general. Are they well written posts, are they written in good English, are they positive and happy. Their posts are usually a good representation of their own personality and style. And take a look at their websites. What’s your impression of them when you look at that?

Finally, get in touch with them. Ask them questions, grill them about how they do their job and how they can help you. I’m always more than happy to chat things through with people and I believe anyone being trusted with a part of your wedding or event should be the same. Go with your gut instinct – it’s a great judge of right and wrong!


When the day is all over and the memories fade you will be left with the photographs.
What do you want to see in yours?


limo hire meme


Well that was a longer post that I initially intended to write, but it’s only because I’m so passionate about people having amazing decor at their wedding. I see so many photos of bad jobs, and I know I’d be so upset if they were mine.

Please do get in touch for a chat or a quote. I’m always happy to help if I can. I look forward to speaking to you soon. Until then, happy planning 🙂

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