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Venue dressing service used to place candles in vases along wedding aisle

Venue dressing is transforming your chosen venue into the setting you have envisaged. We can provide a full venue dressing service for your event, whether you hire your items from us or already have them ready. If you hire items from us we will check to see whether you would like us to lay them out for you, but if you already have your lovely decor items and would like to save yourself some time leading up to the event you can simply hire our staff to do that for you.

We have an eye for detail here at Tides and we have vast experience with all kinds of decor items, so we’re able to provide amazing results for you through venue dressing, whether you’ve hired a village hall, a marquee in the garden, or a massive country house. Each venue is special to you and it’ll look incredible once it is dressed. Before the day we’ll hold a consultation session to make sure we know exactly how you’d like your venue to look and so that you know that you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for. This is of course free so all you’re paying for is the dressing service that we are providing on the day.

Any venue can be an event venue, you just need a bit of imagination. We love to do a beautiful barn conversion for a wedding, or a warehouse transformation for a big party. Just tell us what you have in mind and we’ll put it all together as you’d like, leaving you to simply enjoy the compliments from your guests!

Have a look at this transformation. A barn at a family home was used as a workshop until we got our hands on it and converted it into a wonderful wedding venue!

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