Think planning a wedding has to be expensive? Are you putting off your big day because you don’t know how to pay for it? Well have a look at this……

It’s a common fact that once you stick the word wedding in front of anything it suddenly becomes more expensive. Horrible isn’t it!? I could begin to justify that for you but I won’t, because that’s not the purpose of this post. My purpose here is to save you some money. I don’t want your wedding planning to be all consumed by the worry about how you are going to pay for everything, and that’s why I designed my complete wedding packages.

chair covers are included in our wedding packages

Chair covers are included in our wedding packages

I have put together these wedding packages with you in mind. I wanted you to have quality items, from incredible wedding suppliers, but at a fraction of the normal prices. I wanted to provide you with one point of contact who will liaise with all the relevant suppliers for you. I wanted you to have one person to pay, rather than a whole heap of them. How lovely would it feel to place one order and talk to one person, rather than having a list of suppliers that you have to remember to update, contact, meet, and pay?

“Thank you so much for making planning my wedding so easy”

So what do you get in the packages? Well there are 3 different levels of package, to suit your budget and your tastes, but even the basic level package has some lovely items for you. My packages are called Satin, Silk and Velvet and here’s what you get……
(click the pic to open it larger so that you can read the text!)

As you can see with each level increase you get a few extra bits and pieces for your money, but you also get a better selection of each item too. What do I mean by this? Well for example for the bouquets you get a choice of 5 bouquets at Satin level. At Silk level you get another 10 bouquets to choose from, as well as the original 5 bouquets. And then at Velvet level you get another 10 bouquets to add to your selections, so at the top level you get a choice of 25 bouquets!!! (Not what you were expecting from a set wedding package right??). As you can see it really is worth stepping up to the highest level you can afford, but even at the bottom level you’re guaranteed some lovely things for your wedding.

Would you like to see the options available at each level? Here is the link: Satin, Silk and Velvet Wedding Packages. Feel free to have a browse.

david austin roses in wedding bouquet in tides events wedding packages

One of the beautiful bouquets available in our complete wedding packages.

As you can see I haven’t scrimped on quality in order to give you these wonderful packages. I want you to have the most lovely wedding at an excellent price, and I believe this is what you will have with these complete packages. Please don’t be fooled by other suppliers who can give you a whole wedding for £300 – check what you’re getting for your money. I welcome any questions that you have – after all this is such a special occasion and you need to be sure of what you are getting.

You don’t have to pay the whole balance up front either. A 10% deposit will secure your date for you, and then your final balance will be due 1 month before your wedding so you can either pay in installments or the whole lot just before the deadline, so that’s made booking nice and easy for you too!

Please do let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you

Terri x

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