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Ensuring a wedding goes like a dream is all in the planning. We would love to help you to plan your wedding and give you the wedding that you dream of. We take the stress out and leave you to simply enjoy the process. All you should have when you look back are amazing happy memories.

Weddings can take a long time to plan and can be a very stressful time for some people. There’s so much to think of – venues, flowers, photographers, invitations, outfits, entertainment, favours, gifts for the wedding party, transport….. the list is endless. Why not let someone do the hard work for you. We can source everything you need.

We promise to arrange the elements of your day with professionalism and care, whether that is arranging the florist, booking your cars, finding your venue, or managing your RSVPs. Letting us arrange your wedding day with you allows you the nice side, where you choose everything and see it coming together, while we do the searching, negotiating and problem solving and take the stress for you. You make the decisions, we do the hard work.

If traditional weddings aren’t for you just tell us what you’re after. We are sure we can give you the day of your dreams, whatever those dreams are made up of.

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Wedding Planning Services

A range of wedding planning services, from wedding day only coordination up to full wedding planning from engagement to the big day

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Complete wedding packages

Complete packages providing everything you need for your wedding day, all in one place, and at a fraction of the price

Take a look at the options above and then book your free consultation today to see how wonderful we make weddings for our clients. There’s no obligation and no pressure, just put the kettle on and we’ll have a chat over a cuppa!

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